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Special Packages

to make your Christmas even more Marvelous! 

Magical Video Visit

A step up from the standard video visit!

Imagine your children are on a special video visit with Santa. Towards the end of the call, he mentions that he has a special gift for them, and with the magic of Christmas, that gift gets found in the home! 

Pricing includes Santa Token for each child, Santa's Pocket watch (to be "found" on Christmas Morning) & up to 15 minute video chat that can be recorded for posterity. 

Santa will coordinate with the adults on timing. Please book at least 2 weeks in advance to allow for delivery of items. 



The Gift-Back Package

Santa loves to give presents!  He also enjoys the chance to rehome gently-loved toys that are no longer serving a purpose in a child's world. A great way to promote the spirit of Christmas while cleaning out some of the unused toys from your home! The gently-loved toys will be donated to a local charity by Santa. 

Santa will coordinate delivery of a special Santa Sack that can be filled with said toys and can pick them up at your in-home visit where he can also distribute new toys (provided by the adults of the family).

$225 weekdays/275 weekends for up to 1 hour

Santa's Last Stop

Picture this:

Your child(ren) comes to the tree Christmas Morning and find Santa asleep on the couch-maybe even with a half eaten cookie in his hand!

Children can "wake" Santa and spend extra time with him, he can even watch them open their presents if you'd like!

Santa can coordinate with the adults for arrival and a special "magical" departure. 

Santa will give the children a special Santa Coin and extra treat 

Santa's pocket watch will be left, only to be found later that day! 

Santa will send a follow up letter addressed to the children

Can be recorded for posterity

up to 2 hours


Only 1

per season!

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