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*Santa will bring a small token gift (e.g candy, fidget toy, book, puzzle). If you would like to provide other gifts for him to hand out, please have them wrapped and ready to be discretely placed in his bag. (Usually by meeting him outside and out of sight of smaller eyes)

* Keep in mind that Santa's suit can get very warm. Please keep him seated away from heat sources.

*Cold, non-alcoholic refreshments are always welcome. 

*Santa will be parking the sleigh and reindeer at a farm nearby and borrowing a car to come to    your home. Please reserve a space near the location for him to park. 

*Please be respectful of the spirit of Christmas. Santa loves to have fun but please, no lewd photos involving Santa are permitted.

 *If paying in cash, please put it in a card style envelope with "Santa" or "Mrs. Claus" written on the front. (Keeps curious children from  asking why you are handing Santa money, hohoho.) 

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